Mango Smoothie..

In this hot summer, we need something which can refresh our morning and bring an energetic start to our day. This can be any energy drink. But, health is what our motto is! So making a healthy yet refreshing drink. Easy to prepare and wow..! to drink.. Advertisements

Burnt Garlic Rice

a feel of garlic and an essence of sizzler.. a blend of steam and mix veg — home made burnt garlic rice ..
When we want to eat something tasty but don’t want to be out of our sweet laziness.
burnt rice — A saviour.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet — smooth like velvet on the lips and then the taste buds..
Velvetii flavour with cherries on the top, making it very delicious and irresistible to have just one piece..
Perfect Birthday Present to a loved one..

Healthy Dinner

Health — this word today has become a hot topic, which needs a regular check and care. Most important, is not how to get healthy, but how to maintain a stable health, so as to be “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”. There is a word – “Root Cause”, which if understood, anything can be maintained. So…